The Journey | Alex Hunter in FIFA 19?

The Journey starring Alex Hunter firstly entered the game in FIFA 17. Many FIFA players considered the game modus as highly satisfactory. The game enables fans to play with a unique character and outline his future football career. Making decisions concerning football clubs, concluding contracts, speaking to the press, et cetera.

Success of The Journey

FIFA 17’s success has led to EA’s decision to proceed developing The Journey. In this edition, Alex Hunter faces the media and gets the opportunity to go to international top clubs. Several star players were found willing to cooperate to The Journey.

Alex Hunter FIFA 19

It is expected that Alex Hunter’s The Journey will continue in FIFA 2019. Examples are participating in international tournaments and developing into the world’s best football player. As soon as more news about Alex Hunter and The Journey in FIFA 19 will be brought to the internet, we will obviously make this known.