5 Things we would like to see in FIFA 19

Despite the fact that the FIFA editions have been developing rapidly, there are a few aspects that could use further development. In this item, we will give you five suggestions EA Sports could implement in order to make FIFA even better.


Several beautiful stadiums that look like the real-life ones are included in FIFA. Such as Real Madrid’s Estadio Santiago Bernabeu, Wembley, Allianz Arena and even the Johan Cruyff Arena in Amsterdam. However, in comparison to the number of stadiums that exist in this world, the number of the ones comprehended in the game is very minimal. Every year, a limited number of stadiums are added to the game, but as this occurs only bit by bit, it would almost seem to be the case that FIFA does not spend time into the stadiums. The complete list with stadiums in FIFA 18 can be found here. It would be a positive development if EA Sports would massively update this aspect and would not randomly assign a stadium to clubs as Sevilla or PSV.

The faces

Another point of attention is the players’ faces in FIFA. Top teams have set a deal with FIFA, which causes the well-known players such as Ronaldo, Messi and Griezmann to have a very realistic face. The teams in the British Premier League are also equipped with real faces. However, when playing in a less well-known competition as Portugal, Russia or the Netherlands, it is difficult to recognize the players by their face, it rarely happens that faces can be easily identified. This usually implies players that have played in a top club in one of FiFA’s previous editions. Thus, EA Sports should take a thorough look to the players’ faces.

Career mode

The career mode in FIFA has been extremely popular and is played by an enormous number of people worldwide. But looking at this mode critically, it can be concluded that many aspects are certainly worth improving. Although good updates were implemented into the transfer system and players are enabled to negotiate ‘live’, it could be considered as a system with only minimal options.  A large number of aspects were scripted; this does not benefit the game. In addition, the career modus is limited to the first team. It would be challenging if fans could also play with real players in the second team. Following the example of Football Manager could be a tip. If certain elements in this game would return in FIFA 19, an enrichment would be added to the latter game.

Expansion of teams and leagues

About 20 years later, you would expect FIFA to have put the complete football world into the game. Unfortunately, many countries and leagues still lack in this game. It seems like more attention was brought to the bigger countries that offer the best opportunities for EA concerning making money quickly. It would actually grace EA Sports if the smaller countries would also be included in FIFA, making the game even more diverse. How cool would it be to play a match with for instance a team from Bulgaria?

Champions League and Europa League

Playing on a European level, that is what every FIFA player wants. However, it is a shame that you can only go for the ‘Champions Cup’ and not the ‘Champions League’. The same applies for the Champions League’s little brother. We know the rights for these leagues are not EA’s, but KONAMI’s (PES). FIFA would be in an advantage if it could gain these rights in order to make the game even more realistic. We have been waiting for this for a long time though …

What would you like to see in FIFA 19?

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